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Rick Rhoades Texas

Rick Rhoades
Rick Rhoades is a white male inmate on death row in the state of Texas. He was born on 05/10/1964 and convicted in Harris County and sentenced to death on 12/31/1992 . The crime occurred on 09/13/1991.


On September 13, 1991, one day after being paroled, Rhoades entered the home of two brothers, Charles Allen, 31, and Bradley Allen, 33, while they slept. He attacked them with a steel bar and a butcher knife, resulting in their deaths. Rhoades also took money from the billfold of one of the victims.


Rick Rhoades 999049
Polunsky Death Row
3872 FM 350 South
Livingston, TX 77351

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  1. I wrote to Rick for 18 months. I found him a very nice man. And very honest and loving.

    Kind regards

    Maria x

    1. Dear Maria,
      Thanks for taking a minute to share your experience.

  2. Rick Killed My friends Charles and Bradley Allen. I am hoping for a execution date very soon.

  3. I’ve known Rick for about seven years now, and he has never been Anything but very polite, loving and respectful towards me and my family.
    Rick Has a great sense of humor, loves a good laugh, and he’s able to hold conversations about relevant topics and what goes on in the world despite of the situation. Underneath all this, Rick does show a great amount of remorse, And he is completely aware, that due to his actions he needs to be punished. That being said he has been nothing but a really good friend to me

    1. I am glad you had a good experience, but he did kill two men and stole from them. Two men he did not know. We all have consequences for our actions. Killing someone is not good even if you are nicer to others later on. There are no easy answers. It is what it is, and I personally have nothing to do with any decisions over this matter. It is sad the Charles and Bradley had to die. It is sad that Rick killed them.

  4. I am the cousin of Charles and Dean. I have been around for the last 30 years watching how this monster has torn my family apart because of his narcisistic actions on that night. He needs to be put to death.

    1. As having experienced both being a loved one to an inmate on the row - but also having had people close to me being victims of an inmate, now on the row, i feel sorry for You. It must be hard living with all the hatred in your heart and soul. Your life and your hate towards society is not going to be any better after an execution. Yes, the offender might be dead, but your bitterness and loss is still gonna be there. It's pathetic really

  5. I have known Rick for 13 years, his helped me emotionally through some very hard times in my life. Rick is a wonderful friend, very caring, respectful and loving man.

  6. I know Rick for several years now and he has always been a great friend.

  7. No matter how nice he is now, at one time he killed two brothers. They are not coming back to this world. Honestly it is what it is. Consequences for his actions of killing 2 men.

    1. Mickey Jay and now his been executed has it changed anything? Has it brought Charles or Bradley back?
      Rick sat on Death Row for almost 30yrs living in inhumane conditions. I think he paid for his punishment, he didn't need to be killed.

  8. I slept next to that guy in a cubicle on jester 3 he was a hell of a basketball player and I used to tease him about it. I didn't know I was teasing a killer. He had got out of prison and caught a burger in some other charge and came back in under a fake name and Huntsville didn't even catch it.

    1. Rick wasn't a killer, it was just a case of wrong place and wrong time. I guess someone at that time had to die. Charles Allen provoked the argument, it didn't happen as the Police said, Rick didn't kill them whilst they were sleeping!. In the end he did 30 yrs prison plus was murdered himself.
      Shame on Texas, Shame on Kim Ogg & Shame on that vengeful family. It takes a bigger person to forgive, an eye for an eye will only make the world go blind! When does the suffering stop!


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