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Roderick Byrd, Alabama

Roderick Byrd
Roderick Byrd was born in 1983.

Roderick Byrd is on death row in the state of Alabama.

You can write to this prisoner at

Roderick Byrd 0000Z745
Holman Correctional Facility
Holman 3700
Atmore, AL 36503-3700


Roderick Byrd appeals his four capital-murder convictions and sentences of death. Byrd was convicted John Aylesworth, and Dorothy Smith during the course of a robbery
of three counts of capital murder for taking the lives of Kim Olney,

His appeal includes: 

According to Byrd's statement, while they were in the parking lot of the Inn, Mitchell, Floyd, and Byrd discussed the robbery. At some point before entering the Inn, Byrd put on a pair of black gloves to prevent leaving physical evidence of his participation in the crime; however, neither he nor Mitchell, who had previously been employed at the Inn, made any attempt to conceal their facial identities Thereafter, Mitchell and Byrd entered the Inn-each armed with one pistol-and encountered Kim Olney, the desk clerk, and John Aylesworth, a truck driver, who was waiting in the lobby for a ride to Texas.

Once in the Inn, Mitchell focused his attention on Olney while Byrd used his pistol to subdue Aylesworth, a former Marine. At some point during the robbery, Dorothy Smith, a traveler from New York who was in Alabama visiting family for Thanksgiving, entered the lobby of the Inn to rent a room for the night. After she entered the lobby, Smith, like Olney and Aylesworth, was held at gunpoint. During this time, Mitchell took approximately $300 from a cash drawer that was located behind the clerk's desk and also tried unsuccessfully to open a safe. Mitchell and Byrd also took various items from the three victims, including a tote bag, a duffel bag, clothes, and money. During these events, Olney, Aylesworth, and Smith were each shot behind the ear at close range with .38 caliber pistols.2 Olney was also shot in the arm. All three victims died as result of a gunshot wound to the head. Forensic testing of the projectiles recovered from the crime scene and the victims' bodies established that Olney and Smith were shot with the same .38 caliber pistol and that Aylesworth was shot with a different .38 caliber pistol.

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