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Gerald Parker California

Gerald Parker
Gerald Parker is an inmate on death row in the state of California..


Parker, dubbed the "Bedroom Basher" for a string of sex slayings that terrorized Orange County in the 1970s, attacked six women and killed five of them. The husband of one victim spent 16 years in prison until DNA evidence showed Parker was the actual assailant. His appeal includes Gerald Parker, nicknamed the “Bedroom Basher” by the media in the late 1970s for a string of unsolved home-invasion rape murders in Orange County, was convicted by a jury of the first degree murders of Sandra Fry, Kimberly Rawlins, Marolyn Carleton, Chantal Green, Debora Kennedy, and Debra Senior


Gerald Parker J10319
San Quentin State Prison Death Row
San Quentin, CA 94974


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  1. This guy raped me in the early 90s i tryed to report it police would not listen this guy needs to be kept on death row how do i let my story be heard and make sure he dies and never gets out

  2. I wrote president trump got no response


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